On another swelteringly hot day here at Bellaugello  when all I want to do is have a break from strimming grass, strip off and dive into a swimming pool, I learn that the finished pool is to be a bit further off than previously anticipated.

Yes, we are still awaiting permission for our horizon swimming pool, here at our gay guest house in Umbria.

We had hoped to be starting work on the new swimming pool within the next few weeks, and to be constructing it of pre-formed steel panels, however there has been a planning complication and  it now looks unlikely that the chlorine-free swimming pool will not  be built for this summer.

Naturally I am disappointed to have to relay this news, however the new designs look very impressive, and will certainly be worth the wait.

Included in the new pool development plans here at our gay bed and breakfast is a horizon water fall on the south and east elevations, giving views to the Apennines, two large terraces with sunloungers to the west and north sides, a solar shower,  and we will be using L E D lighting to give a spectacular night-time colour display.  Solar panels will heat the water allowing the pool to be used for more months in the spring and autumn.

The good news is t hat you will be able to strip off and plunge into the swimming pool next spring!

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