Here at Bellaugello Gay Guest House although it is only the end of March it seems like it is summer.  Again today the sun continues to shine, the temperatures soared to a giddy 29˚

The ground is real dry, digging in the garden stirs up clouds of fine dust,  from my kitchen window I look across the valley, and once again there is another large fire burning on an opposite hillside, so very strange for March.

Yesterday my neighbour drove down with his tractor and together we filled some of the holes in the road.  I have an appointment to see the director of roads for Gubbio, but he is a real busy man and the appointment is not for another two weeks.  The road to Bellaugello is a public road, yes, public, but the commune will not do any maintenance, they say they have no funds and it is not policy to repair local roads, anyway they allege the last administration ran away with all the funds, and their bank account is empty!

Fortunately for the road, it did not rain last winter which would have resulted in greater destruction.  However the situation is critical and I am determined to get the commune to repair the road.  In the meantime we put some hardcore in the deeper holes and took some evidential photographs, and of course in true Italian style had a good natter over a beer or two!


  1. We did bottom out a few times last summer as we negotiated the last part of the road. Although the view is worth it when you get there!

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