Great friends who also have an agriturismo invited me over to Sunday lunch today.  It was once again a beautiful sunny day, and the drive thorught the winding lanes over hilltops and through shady valleys was delightful.  There is a dusting of snow on the Apeninnes and the Abruzzo hilltops capped in snow were glistening in the bright sunshine. The wind is still chilly, it seems that Italy cannot decide if it is spring or still winter.

Before I left I walked the dogs down from Bellaugello Gay B&B, on their favourite short walk to the neighbours lake. The spring  bulbs and flowers are coming up, crocuses, and daffodils, little delicate violets and the first almond blossom, and trees are budding so it is spring, we just need to get away from the cold wind.

At lunch today there were other friends also with agriturismi.  There is an unwritten protocol in Gubbio that when invited over for a meal one generally brings a dish of some sort.  Today without collusion we all arrived with cakes and breads.

It seems we all have been busy baking and trying out new recipies, and experimenting. Of course after a splendid lunch laid on by our hosts we all had to tuck into each others’ cakes and pastries, exchange recipies and discuss ingredients and the vagueries of oven temperatures.

One conclusion, if today was anything to go by, breakfasts here at the Agriturismi in Gubbio, Umbria, Italy are going to be utterly delicious.

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