Oh I seem to have been off the airwaves for some considerable time.  Life has been a bit hectic here at Bellaugello Gay Guest House near Gubbio in Umbria, Italy.

The Diva and Mirror Suites came online this week.  It has been a tough call for everyone concerned, and many many thanks to friends, colleagues and the workforce who all assisted in making my vision a reality.  I have never known such help and co-operation as I have received here in Italy.  I have been in the country just three years a comparatevly  (how do you spell that word?) short period, and in that time have made many friends and forged many alliances, it is one of the things I particularly like about life here.

The suites look amazing, ok I’m blowing my own trumpet, but I am really pleased with the way they have turned out.  The Diva Suite modern, crisp and minimal, the Mirror or Specchio Suite warm and intimate, two different styles adjacent ot one another.  It has been fun  chosing finishes and designing the suites, a dreamy kind of luxury chosing loads of new kitchens and bathrooms….

I am always amazed by peoples’ reaction upon arriving at Bellaugello Gay B&B, how they are bowled over by the setting and views, I often think I need time to look back to how my heart reacted when I first arrived here.  I have come a long way from 2007, my life has changed in  many ways, I have met amazing people and had fascinating conversations over languid dinners and leisurely breakfasts, some people came and went others remain, but all in all an interesting and wonderful life.

Last night a wonderous orange moon, large, slowly rising over the Apennines the dance of fireflies, stillness only broken by the mating calls of the toads in the neighbouring pond and the scent of lavender filling the air, Milo Edo and Jenny lying at my feet each hoping to catch a fallen crumb.  Today the sun shines warmly, the water in the pool glistens and beckons me…  time to chill off I think

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