Another sunny day dawned at Bellaugello Gay Guest House here in Umbria, an excuse to breakfast outside on the terrace.

To my delight I spotted an owl chick in one of the roosting boxes in the old stone walls of the main house.  I did not look too closely so as not to disturb mum and chick, but definitely saw a wee face peeking out, what a joy.  The hoopoe are nesting in an old wall behind the house, they too must have chicks as they are busy flying tothe nest with morsels.

The lavender I plante last year just keeps on growing and growing.  I thought it would make nice borders for the paths, but it seems determined to engulf them.  I am loathe to cut the plants back, but maybe today is the day I pluck up the courage to do so before I lose sight of the paths completely.

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