Italian Gay Guest House

It is an amazing season here at Bellaugello.  Easing of travel restrictions has meant we have welcomed many returning guests, happily including guys from far overseas, guys who have been counting the days until they were able to once again stay Bellaugello.  

We have also welcomed and made friends with many ‘first timers’, and ‘Covid Bubblers’ it is always a joy to make new acquaintances and have them share our corner of paradise.

Saying Hello at Bellaugello

I have loved the buzz and vibe this season.  Despite the lingering shadow of Covid there is a very positive atmosphere.  Guys so happy to be relaxing with like minded guys in the delicious Umbrian countryside.  Stories are told, jokes cracked and laughter burbles along.  Suntans worked on, the occasional laptop is opened to reluctantly read business emails.  You had better not let me see you do that, you are supposed to be on holiday.  Holiday is a time for relaxing, as my dog shows so clearly.

Relax Bellaugello

We have cooked pizzas in the wood fired oven, baked Birthday Penis cakes, grilled sausages and meat on the barbecue and served dinners on old family china.  Guys have bubbled in the Jacuzzi and rented Bikes to cycle the quiet byways around our gay guest house, and of course they have just lazed away the days at our infinity pool.  

Bellaugello days
Every guy likes a sausage

Yes, we are having fun and would love you to come and join us.  Pick up your phone, open a travel app and get yourself over here.  We have availability in mid-September.  Click here to book your Autumn break We look forward to welcoming YOU!

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