To me one of the joys of the internet is that it is easy to keep in touch with friends all around the world, a simple email or Skype is instantly received, and former neighbours seem to be back living next door.

This spring an email from a good friend in Colorado asking to see pictures of Bellaugello has resulted in her family booking the house for the week to celebrate her daughter Charlotte’s wedding.

The two families arrived from Colorado and Scotland and soon settled in to relax mode warmed by the still hot sun, taking every opportunity to sit by our horizon pool.

Monday was warm and summery, and the commencement of the celebrations.  In true Italian style a local band of musicians, and coincidentally also my neighbours were delighted to have been asked to come to Bellaugello to host a “Serenata” an evening of traditional Italian folk songs where the groom ‘woos’ the bride, and quite naturally a quantity of wine and local foods are consumed.  Charlotte was kept upstairs by her sister and friends and the group struck up with Graham the bridegroom serenading Charlotte, who, in true Romeo and Juliette style threw open the upstairs window to receive the red rose from Graham.  Some of my good friends and neighbours came down and gave the evening a real local traditional feel, wood blazed on the barbecue and conversations were in both English and Italian

Tuesday morning was one of those wonderful mornings in Valdichiascio, with mist sitting in the valley below clear azure skies, the temperature rose to 30º, and the scene was set for the actual wedding blessing which took place on the terrace in the early afternoon

Brother Tom, a friar from Assisi officiated as the families looked on, the setting stunning with the backdrop of the Chiascio valley and Monte Subasio, but exceeded by the handsomeness of the groom in his kilt of Graham Tartan and the exceptional beauty of the bride in a divine cream dress

A few glasses of fine prosecco, an aperitivo, and a chance for some further photographs in the garden, before all sat down to a celebratory dinner which we served in our dining room, the table dressed in white linen with shimmering candles

My friend Mattia Passeri was commissioned by the family to take their photographs and Luca organised the most beautiful and romantic of flowers, as ever here at Bellaugello friends and neighbours shared in the joy.

I wish to thank Charlotte and Graham for choosing Bellaugello as the venue for their wedding and am truly so delighted to have been given the opportunity to host such a special event for such a great couple with their families, it is a stunning week, a week of much beauty

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