It rained this afternoon and then the heavens opened over Valdichiascio, and we were soaked.  A dramtic change from the glorious sunshine all morning, in few minutes the sky darkened, and it poured with rain then hail-stones in torrents.  Jenny my wee spaniel was barking like crazy she hates storms and usuall yhides under my bed.  This afternoon we stood under a verandah and watched in amazement as the ground turned to a lake and then glazed over with the hail-stones.

In the garden here at Bellaugello Gay Guesthouse I have recently planted more fruit trees. As of this morning they were either in flower or in the process of setting fruit.  After the hail shower, I dread to think of the damage, certainly there were leaves and twigs scattered everywhere, a peccato, I don’t really want to look!

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