Last night there was a full moon and only scant  cloud cover, so the night was light, very surreal, utterly still and silent everything monochromatic and shadows.

This morning is one of those utterly beautiful mornings often found here in Umbria.  Stillness punctured only by the singing of the birds, a slight early morning damp-ness and a strengthening sun, the first traces of blue sky slowly revealled.  The Chiascio river below Bellaugello Gay B&B has returned to its level norm for this time of year, it is now running clearer, and sparkling with the morning light, and the fields in the valley floor are turning that lush green reminiscent of Irish meadows, as the crops benefit from the winter rains and spring sun.  The daffodils are bursting into flower, tulips are poking through, and friends have almond blossom in a vase on their dining table.  The fruit trees here at Bellaugello are gently budding and showing signs of re-awakening after their winter slumber and the Broad beans almost too large for their seed beds and wantingto be replanted into the vegetable garden.

The first of March and it feels like spring.

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