The abundance of sunshine this year has produced a glut of tomatoes.

Five days ago we picked several kilos of tomatoes, mostly variety San Marziano, which are grown for their firm intensely flavoursome flesh.

Having left them in a cool place to fully ripen, this morning they were chopped and put through the ‘machine for making tomato sauce’ or spremipomodoro.  The pulp is ejected through a fine gauze strainer, whilst the skins and pips are ejected at the end of  the machine, all turned by hand.

The pulp juice was then bottled into old beer bottles, sealed, and boiled for an hour. The resultant sauce is good for the forthcoming winter, is totally organic and pure, and will be served with our home-made pasta.

the 'machine for making tomato sauce' in action

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  1. well ur tomato sauce look wonderfull im sure when u cook with it will be delish

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