Last night I was one of the guests at a surprise 40th birthday party for my good friend Luca here in Valdichiascio, a great excuse to take a small excursion from Bellaugello Gay Guesthouse.

Luca’s partner Valentina had ‘phoned last week with instructions to leave the car hidden at the back of the garden.  I arrived to find the garden full of hidden cars!  It was a delightful evening filled with jollity, great food, a chance to catch up with news and friends from afar and a wealth of new born babes.  Yes all my friends who have recently had babies were present last night, indeed the young almost outnumbered the adults and at some point I seriously thought that a creche was required.

One of the gifts Luca reseived was a Wii and inevitably we all ended up acting like children and snowboarding on the Wii board to hysterical applause, goodness how absurd the posistions one gets into when trying to simulate downhill snowboarding….

Luca’s a helicopter pilot for the Corpo Forestale here in Umbria and not surprisingly his reactions were fastest, and the most comical.  Happy Birthday Luca!

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