I have a personal Skype address which I use for keeping in touch with family and friends throughout the world.

Two days ago I again changed my contact photo.  Never before have I seen such a response to a photograph, my skype line has been ringing virtually constantly, the reason, the offending photo……

“Hey Alec is that your new car?” “How gay are you!” “WoW, fab where did you buy it” “no you must be joking” “gay gay gay”  Ok I admit I do drive a new Fiat 500 however it is a sexy sleek black, I simply saw this fun car parked up at Collestrada Shopping Mall (Zara, Beneton, Wonderful Store, Sisley ecc) near Perugia and had to snap it.

I am flabbergasted and highly amused that my friends and family think I am sooo gay  that I might even consider sitting in such a car, or actually buying it.  I need to revisit my image consultant!

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