This afternoon I received a post reply from a couple of guys in the States who have been having trouble reaching Bellaugello Gay Guest House on Skype.

I am sorry not to have blogged about this sooner as I kinda knew there was a problem.  For those of you who are long time readers of my blog you will well know my problems with TelecomItalia and the slow internet connection  they provide for me.

Well I thought I had it sorted and finally a fast internet speed through a new system using wireless receiver from a transmitter due south of my gay bed and breakfast here in Umbria.  A smart new receiver was placed on the roof and directed toward the transmitter.  Yes it is fast, I’ve seen 3.2Mb – ok to me being used to 450Kb that’s real fast.  The problem is that the signal fluctuates amd drops to 110Kb a slowness which means I can do NOTHING and then it crashes.

The technician was out here at Bellaugello this morning and informs me that the service provider is aware of the fluctuating signal strength and they plan to rectify the problem next week.  IF I still have an internet connection I will report… Until then please if you want to contact me then email me at or post on my blog as these guys did, or send a carrier pigeon.  Thanks Kenny and Rick for helping me out!

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