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This afternoon I am writing not as it says, at my kitchen table, but outdoors on my terrace.  I am sitting in the shade.  The breeze, gently cooling, rustles the leaves in the Oak trees.  Birds sing, their conversations loud and merry.  I am distracted by their song, and by the many butterflies and insects on the lavender, the perfume intense and heady.  Oh yes, I am also distracted by the huge huge view.  I look down from my table to the distant Apeninnes, all the way to the Sibylline mountains some 70km away. It is serene and calming and utterly delicious.

Below I hear the noise of the guys splashing and having fun in the infinity pool.  The water is toasty warm, and the air temperature of 32˚c is just perfectly delightful.

This morning I was in town, routine shopping, but nevertheless a pleasure.  I shop in small stores, the storekeepers always (mostly always)  cheery and happy for a chat.  Today the subject everywhere in town seemed to be Post-Covid changes.

We were in agreement that 2022 has brought about many changes in peoples’ attitudes and mental well-being.  Much is detrimental, people have suffered two years of isolation, and I guess have had time to think and maybe re-evaluate their life and life ambitions.  Many are depressed and frightened, some even with the world in such a horrid place, are optimistic.  Whilst people are clearly happy to once again be free, I see a huge wariness in having to re-learn social skills and a greater frustration in acceptance of trivial failings or errors, both their own or in others.  There is also a great lack of patience and forgiveness, and the war in Ukraine is unsettling so many of us.

Here at Bellaugello with all the space and freedom to be yourself my guests are soon relaxed and re-charging.  The atmosphere is fabulous, P-C strains melt away.

I, on the other hand, swing from utter cheerfulness to deep annoyance.  My current rant is the sheer outrageousness of some of the requests I receive online. Ok, I understand that we are not all 100% computer literate, but it seems many are not even capable of reading.  The current trend of writing to me asking if I have accommodation, for me to reply either in the affirmative – yes we have some dates in early July and plenty of space still in the middle of September – get booking guys,

Click here to book Bellaugello

or the negative, we have very very few nights available in much of July and all of August.    Join our waitlist:

So, as quickly as possible, we don’t like to be kept waiting do we guys,  I send the enquirer the information he seeks.  If in the affirmative I write in detail about what is available.  I include the link to the website and link to book online.  I carefully state that  they can check descriptions, photos, prices, availability and if they wish to, they can make a booking, simple you would think, but no.  Yet, so many guys then ask me prices and can they telephone me to make the booking.  No, I will not take bookings over the phone, the risk of me loosing a contact or even forgetting a booking is too risky. 

Anyway I digress from my rant.  The photo to the right is a semi typical enquiry from the contact form on my website.  The last sentence may be slightly unusual, actually, no, it isn’t, years of experience reminds me I’m often asked that question, so I have the reply ready.

However in this case, the enquirer’s reply and follow up question left me angry and speechless.  See below:

I am many things, P-C has also changed me big time, but I’m still sensitive and curious, a pimp I am not.

So do not ask me to be one

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