Singing out the month of May – but for the best of reasons! – Bellaugello: Luxury gay bed and breakfast near Perugia, Umbria, Italy
Singing out the month of May – but for the best of reasons!

One month ago I spent an enjoyable evening singing in the month of May.  A tradition in the country parts of the region of Umbria, where people sing the passing of winter and the arrival of summer.  The song has many verses, all in Eugubine (from our local town of Gubbio) dialect.

Last night I was once again singing, but this time not to say goodbye to the month of May but to celebrate a wedding.  The groom, a very good friend – and a romantic had organised a “serenata”.  This takes place the evening before the wedding, where the groom woos his bride to be and sings of his love.  Fortunately for us here in Umbria there is a group of local musicians who are only too happy to carry on this tradition which in days gone by of no money and hardship, was the only excuse for a family to celebrate and party the up-coming nuptials.

At dusk the musicians assemble outside the house and begin to sing, the groom launches a red rose up to his bride,

The serenata begins

and then the Romeo and Juliet moment….  and because it was raining we all retreated rapidly to the kitchen!

The serenata, friends of Bellaugello Gay Guest House in Umbria, ItalyThe serenaders, at the serenata of friends of Bellaugello Gay bed and breakfast in Umbria, Italy, Europe

Well, throughout the month of May it has rained almost non-stop, the weather has been most un-summery.  Today is the wedding and there is another local saying “Sposa bagnata matrimonio fortunato” and the weather forecast is for us to move this week directly from winter into summer.