The Vikings have arrived!

One of the greatest joys for me is seeing just how guys love their time at Bellaugello.  Often arriving stressed and tired, guys soon remember how to relax and restore a sense of sanity.  We are situated in a magical valley, you have space, quiet, a stress-free environment where you will be in the company of like minded men to simply enjoy your vacation.

I am so lucky in having so many fabulous men staying at Bellaugello.  I’m so happy to have made all the friends I have made in the years I have been opening my home to guys from all over the world.  So, so many of you guys have become firm friends.  I see familiar names in the reservation book and am already looking forward to meeting again, catching up on news and gossip and a glass or two of local wine.  

The guys in the photo are from Scandinavia and took this pic during a stay in April. Next thing I  knew was they were in the pool…..






…and of course between dips in the pool, there was a quick dash to our Finnish Sauna

And so Bellaugello awakes, the season begins, guests arrive and yet further friendships are made.

Oh! and don’t worry if you are a single guy, not all of us are partnered, not all of us holiday with our partners.  As a single man you will be warmly welcomed at Bellaugello.  Many single guys stay Bellaugello, and many return again and again, soo good.

 Maybe you are a thruple, we have beds large enough to comfortably accommodate you.  During the booking process simply change the number of guests as appropriate.  If you are coming as a thruple, please let me know you wish to share a bed, or are simply three friends preferring separate beds.

You are all equally welcome

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