I was in Gubbio this morning, mistakenly thinking I would beat the crowds, but alas no!  The town was very busy and the supermarket full of people mis-steering overfilled trolleys.

Just what is going on?  Do these people only shop once a year , do they fast for 51 weeks and then gorge themselves in one week, and if so why do they have to shop before Easter when I need to get in and out in a minimum time?

Then the check-out.  I hate the check outs, why can they not have self check out here? The shortesest queue is always the slowest, and today that was true, the couple infront of me had some coupon dispute that involved calling all the supervisors and eventually the manager, all for €1.00 discount.

They looked neither rich or poor, obviously nothing better to do, but boy was it irritating to the rest of us.

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  1. oh how i miss those cheakouts not lol lol poor u i remember it well

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