I heard it first on the BBC then read it in several articles on the web.  The news that Welsh Rugby Union player Gareth Thomas has come out as being gay.

I was delighted to read the positive encouraging articles from all sections of the press.  It must have been a very difficult and brave decision for a leading sportsman, in such a ‘macho’ sport to come out.  I am proud of Mr Thomas.  I wanted to share some of the articles with you and went to the share buttons on the posts.

Unfortunately there is no button for sharing with WorldPress, the system I use for this blog on any of the British or American newsfeeds and blogs.  I can twitter, facebook, delicious, bleetbox, blogspot, bebo, clickaview, digg, floss, hackernews, reddit, and lots more but not world press.

If you are interested you can read an article on my facebook page or else read the article written in Italian I found and posted on my blog before this rant…

Anyway congratulations Gareth, I’m proud of you, and if you need a holiday you know that Bellaugello is the gay and heterofriendly place to stay in Umbria…

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