Day six and the telephone engineer called me… on my mobile!

He has started work on the repair of my telephone service.  I should be pleased, but am a bit  wary as the first question he asked me was ‘how many computers have you got connected to the telephone line?” – My answer; ‘None’ to wit he asked ‘but don’t you have ADSL?’ Me ‘NO, at only 300kbps it was not worth the payment so I cancelled it over a year ago’ to wit he replied; ‘not surprised, by the way it could be one of your handsets that is at fault’ – Me ‘I don’t think so I have checked them repeatedly over the past six days anyway I am in Perugia and there are only my ferocious (not true, they are soppy sods) dogs at home’

He so wanted into the house, he needed to check my equipment (!) I was away in Perugia having a divine lunch in a restaurant suggested by a friend, and boy  oh boy what a lunch.

The restaurant is called ‘dal Mi’Cocco’ translated roughly as ‘from my darling’  It is just down from the Foreigners’ University and serves a fixed menu both lunch and dinner, changing seasonally and daily.  Today on the winter menu I ate a delicious broth with tagliarini, followed by tagliatelle with an exquisite tomato sauce, then a succulent stew with a contorno of spinach, and home – baked bread, followed (yes followed) by a moist sponge cream cake accompanied by a wee shot of vin santo.  Round that off with a bottle of still water and a coffee €15.00, superb value, the pasta was all home made and freshly prepared, the sauces divine, and service swift and friendly, I shall be back and certainly recommend the place to guests here at Bellaugello Gay b&b

Anyway back to the dreary telephone…  I got home and lo and behold the telephone works! The engineer did not get into the house, it was not the fault of my handsets, maybe it was the fax machine, although that was unplugged, who cares, I am back in contact with the world hurrah!!


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