Last night on my way back from Perugia I experienced another of my surreal week experiences and looking back it had started at 5pm when the builder said he was not coming in tomorrow…

At 5pm I thought, blast, oh well no problem, the tiler is not in ’till saturday and there are other things I can be getting on with, and at the same time maybe sneek in a couple of hours to work on my tan, yes it is to be sunny today – or in part!

On getting home and checking emails, not only did I discover that the server for Bellaugello Gay Guest House here in Umbria was down, meaning I could not check my blog posts, emails, or access my website, my computer told me it was saturday the calendar clearly showed “Sabato 22”. But where did Friday go? I stared incredulously at my computer and began to curse technology.  As readers will know I have an ongoing battle with my internet connections, and with my site being down I was utterly convinced that there was a bug in the computer, let’s face it I had just come back from a very pleasant thursday evening spent with friends in Perugia, or had I??

Having gone to bed confused, but totally sober  (I had been driving) I thought I could get a wee lie in, but no, the dogs barked at 07.00.  Who was outside?  The tiler, but why he only comes on a saturday??!!  Yes today it seems is Saturday, and where Friday or Thursday went I really don’t know.

Strange thing is the same thing happened three weeks ago except then it lasted two days.  I was utterly convinced Thursday was Wednesday and Friday was Thursday so when Saturday actually came (for me impossibly a day too soon, “why are you calling me to talk about a party for tomorrow when it is actually the day after tomorrow [ie Sunday]?”) I was dumbfounded and had to check and verify from various sources.  I remember being very alarmed to find that my day calendar was wrong, how could it be? everyone else must have got it wrong, today cannot possibly be tomorrow – impossible but true.

Fortunately so far it has not affected my appointments or schedules and I have been where I should be, or welcomed who I should, cleaned when I should, or cooked for whom I should at the appropriate times/days, strange eh! Also that my friends did not point my mistake out sooner, or maybe my actions were sufficiently normal not to arouse their suspicions or scarier still t hat maybe they did and I was oblivious.

Just where do these days go?  Alarmingly it seems I am the only one suffering the loss and confusion of days, I know I am old, but have no fear of ageing, nevertheless I do not want to lose days, I might have just got up to some mischief and I really would not want to forget that 🙂


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