After the storm has arrived sunshine, clouds scud across azure skies and the greens for which Umbria is famous are ever more intense and verdant, the air feels fresh as if it has been washed (as has my car for once!) and luckily the garden has survived with only minor damage.

For once I had been in time and picked the soft fruit that was ready, plums, blackcurrants, apricots and figs.  Some made jams and marmalade, others bottled or made into sauces.

I am cooking dinner tonight at Bellaugello Gay Guest House, and thought to cook chicken cacciatora, or at least my version of it.  I have lovely plump red juicy tomatoes, a  gift of red peppers and herbs aplenty in the garden, and so thought to make this traditional dish.

To these ingredients I want to add some wine, it has to be red.  I have a bottle of Sagrantino di Montefalco.  This is a wonderful wine from vineyards around the pretty Umbrian town of Montefalco to the south of Perugia.  A wine that is well worth searching out at your local wine merchant. The bottle was opened last night and I had planned to continue drinking it tonight.  The question is do I sacrifice a glass or two and put it in the chicken dish, or do I open another less fine wine and add that instead?

Hum…. I shall ponder the answer.

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