My good friend Massimiliano called in this afternoon with a rather splendid bottle of Sagrantino, the fine Umbrian wine produced in vineyards surrounding the town of Montefalco that we just had to open…

Whilst mulling over the joys and tribulations of the past week  we lit candles and are sitting in the porch watching the sun setting, and watching the birds head off to find their perches for the night.  Close to the panoramic porch window is the nesting hole where Wollet our Owl at Bellaugello has decided again to return and roost.  Yesterday I tried to sneak a look from the window into the nesting hole, only to be confronted by a pair of eyes and then a flurried exit as Wollet flew the nest obvious resentful of the intrusion.  Fortunately she is made of stern stuff as she came back and there was considerable Owl noise last night.

Massi muttered someting about it being time to start cooking dinner. As the clock struck, it occured to me that the nesting hole the owl has chosen in the wall of the house at Bellaugello is immediately in front of the Vienna Regulator clock that I have in my sitting room.  This family clock from my childhood home in Scotland chimes the hours and the half hours.  It set me wondering just what does an owl think to being reminded of the passing hours.  How silly a thought, she has adapted to my being here, restoring the house, living in the presence of my three dogs and various guests, so I am sure a clock is the least of her worries.

Our conversation turned to matters mostly gay.  A report today on the gay news channel Gay.It reported that Raging Stallion Studios the American Gay Porn Film company hade reportedly offered Ricky Martin US$1,000.000.00 to appear in a hard gay porno film with Austin Wilde.  To Ricky Martin that is probably not a great sum, but unlikely to be sufficiently tempting for him to participate….

Also reported with a note of disdain was George Michael who is aparently holed up on his yacht in Malta being hounded by the paparazzi use of an iPhone app designed for gay dating.

Our conclusion is that both George Michel and Ricky Martin should be guests at Bellaugello Gay Guest House and they would not hve the worries of the outside world, they could just chill and be themselves… or make a movie!


  1. the owl could be a relation of the owl that lived in scotland and heard the clock the as an owllet sitting in a apple tree over thirty years ago.

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