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Robbie Rogers – meteoric

It has been an earth shattering news day!

Scanning the papers today I read that the meteor that landed in the Ural mountains, Russia yesterday having done extensive damage which was widely reported in spectacular video had according to scientists, nothing to do with the giant one that sailed gaily past Australia last night.

That horsemeat has entered the UK food chain almost everywhere and people are now finally questioning the ‘ethics’ of the supermarkets who demand such ludicrously low costs from their product suppliers… 2 pence per sausage what can they think goes into a sausage produced at that cost?

And the first professional UK footballer since Justin Fashanu had come out as openly gay.

The heroic guy in question is 25 year old Robbie Rogers, a real good looking Californian who as a former United States international, earned 18 caps, played at the Beijing Olympics, and narrowly missed out on a place at the 2010 World Cup.  In the UK he played for Leeds United and Stevenage.

Here is a link to his blog where he made the announcement:

I heartily congratulate Robbie, and hope that his announcement has opened the gates to other professional footballers to find the courage to come out as gay and make the sport more honest.