It has been a truly glorious afternoon here in Valdichiascio, near Gubbio in Umbria.  We took advantage and went for a long walk along the river with the dogs.

The air was heady with blossom, the apple trees are at their very finest right now.  The tracksides were abundant with wild flowers, and  birdsong filled the air.

There is a great track that leads to what in the summer is a ford across the river, we decided to reward the team with a swim.  Now the setters only paddle, they look at the river with their noses in the air and hardly deign to dip in a paw, the labradors rush in and swim strongly, and Jenny my spaniel – well she is a spaniel just loves the water.  All was great until Jenny decided to swim and hit the rapids.  Wheras the labradors are strong and could fight the current, Jenny was carried downstream. Horror, panic!! I felt so helpless as the wee thing was rapidly carried fownstream and out of sight.  I rushed after her to see her happy as larry having reached the calmer waters near the river-bank and valliantly swimming back toward me!  She certainly didn’t hear my hear miss that beat, instead greeted me by shaking all the water from her  coat onto me and then joined the rest of the team as they cavorted through the long grass

All the way back home she led the field, up the hillside and over steep stony shortcut track back to Bellaugello Gay Guesthouse.  Now she lies contentedly curled in her basket with a smug smile of having had a fun adventure – oh it’s a dog’s life!

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  1. vivid discriptions of the beauty of the walk, plus the thrill of the dogs escapade, look forward to the book being published.

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