Return to normality – Bellaugello: Luxury gay bed and breakfast near Perugia, Umbria, Italy
Return to normality

After a chilly night the sun has found its strength and today the guys are basking in 37˚c of heat, with a light breeze it is a beautiful day.  The blue sky is reflected in the infinity pool, and after the past few days of lower temperatures the pool water is beginning to climb back toward 30˚c its norm for the summer.

Yesterday was a day for exploring, visits to Urbino in neighbouring region of Le Marche, the Ducal Palace and Raphael museums must see places.  Some went to Assisi, following the panoramic ridge top road that runs from Bellaugello Gay Guest House through several pretty villages and arrives in the town from the Monte Subasio side.  From there they took the easy route to Spello, that beautiful Umbrian hill top town as ever bedecked in flowers.  Guys also discovered the delights of nearby Gubbio, the medieval city with its cable  way to the top of the mountain that overshadows the city, and thence a gently walk back down through the wooded hillside and into the town passing the ducal palace and main square, and bars a plenty for an early evening aperitivo.

Some of the guys made it to my friend Renza’s workshop in nearby Santa Cristina.  Renza hand dyes her yarns before hand weaving and make the most wonderful scarves and accessories.  Her yarns are silk, cashmere, cotton and wools, all naturally dyed.  Renza was not at home but my dear friend Paola kindly walked up the road to the workshop and showed the guys around and assisted with their purchases.

Here the woodsmen are along the road and are cutting vast piles of wood into pieces to fit in the boiler and fireplaces.  This spring we cut some hectares of our woodland and some of the wood is destined for our wood burning boiler to keep us toasty warm this winter, the reminder they will be selling.  I love the idea of locally sourced fuel and minimum transport.

Talking of trees, I took a look at my olive trees and sad to say they have suffered with the arid conditions as have those of my neighbours, it looks as if it will be a poor olive harvest this November.  There is talk of a poor harvest throughout Italy, prices of oil set to rise steeply.

And finally, work on the dirt road is underway.  The Commune of Gubbio have now scheduled a repair to the public road that runs past Bellaugello Gay Guest House and on to San Andrea below in the Chiascio Valley.  The old surface has been scraped, and stabilising material is arriving, all be it slowly it is arriving.  They have over 2kms of road to repair, a big job, I will keep you posted on progress.