It has done nothing but rain here in Umbria the past three weeks.  It is a real shame particularly today as it is the annual Festa Dei Ceri in Gubbio, and all the town are out in the centro storico celebrating their special annual festival.

Here at Bellaugello Gay Guest House it has been impossible to do any work outdoors, and work indoors has been hampered by the unseasonally poor weather.  This morning nobody could see anything as the mist hang low in the valley and rain continued to pour…

And it is not even any help to the lawns I have seeded on the two west terrces.  A great deal of care levelling the ground, preparing for seeding, fertilising and then sowing has resulted in mud…  The lawn is beginning to sprout, but I suspect most of the seed is now 200m below in the valley floor!!

As they say in Italy “piano, piano, domani” let’s hope that domani brings sunshine


  1. alec the garden is lookin great its lovely ill deffo need to come see it

  2. yeah yeah, there’s a great Madonna song title that springs to mind when you write such a comment

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