Prosciutto Pecorino – lunch in Unbria – Bellaugello: Luxury gay bed and breakfast near Perugia, Umbria, Italy
Prosciutto Pecorino – lunch in Unbria

A quiet Sunday an excuse to leave Bellaugello Gay Guesthouse for a wee excursion in the Umbrian countryside. After the hot sun of yesterday today as I find myself in the beautiful town of Bevagna it is decidedly cool

We have feasted on prosciutto from nearby Norcia, pecorino from Umbria. Bruschetta with DOP olive oil from just down the road local Sagrantino from neighbouring Montefalco in the most delightful ambience – a tiny place I will most definately be recommending to you guys this year

And it is on the Sagrantino wine trail, What delights Umbria has to behold !



The main piazza and church in Bevagna Umbria italy
Time I think to check out the pasticceria!