Yesterday afternoon’s meeting went well. In the office of the chief of the department responsible for infrastructure in the comune of Gubbio we learnt that they are conceding the road is a mess and something on their part urgently requires to be done, so the first steps towards repairing the road are being made. Hooray!
I am up early this morning as the comune are sending and engineer to asses the work with the commitment to putting in a drainage channel on the worst section, and making a resurfacing of the road and at the same time approving an earth moving project, the first step to repairing the collapsed section of the road and I want to be there to witness all.
It is the first step. Our actions have motivated the comune and united our little community here in Valdichiascio,a delightful sleepy and intrinsically beautiful corner of Umbria where is situated Bellaugello Gay Guest House
All good positive news!

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