Gubbio our local town has been taken over by hundreds of new immigrants.  Annually at Christmas time there is always an influx of visitors to this most beautiful of Umbrian towns.  Of course there are far flung family members returning to their roots to celebrate with family at home, there are tourists who come to soak up the magical atmosphere of this world class city of Christmas.  But there are also the figures who participate in the presepe, the crib scenes.

Over the past few years these crib scenes have grown and grown, from being present only in a few quiet back lanes,  the life-size figurines and their scenes are taking over the town.  They crowd the river bank, flow over the bridges and are trading in the small piazzas.

Last night we were in town for a pizza, something simple before the Christmas mega-feasting begins later today.  Walking into the centro storico we came across part of the influx, and it is utterly stunning.presepe in gubbio #presepe #bellaugello gubbio presepe #bellaugello presepe in gubbio #gubbiopresepe #bellaugello presepe in gubbio #gubbiocittadi natale #bellaugellogayguesthouse

Congratulations Gubbio!!


  1. buon natale e buon prospero anno, Alex! good luck with the house party

  2. Buon Natale, Alex! Thanks for this post. Nice to see that Gubbio got it’s Christmas reputation from more than just the giant tree of lights on the mountain side. Wish we could be there to see it all in person.

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