We are working hard on finishing the portico which serves as a private terrace forthe Diva Suite and the entrance to the main dining room, which houses the old brick wood fired oven here at Bellaugello Gay Guest House in Umbria, but today arrived bad news.

The Region of Umbria who control building works have put additional requirements on the construction, and it seems we are going to have to build a secondary wall abutting the main house.  This will not only add to time and cost but decrease the space in the Diva and Mirror Suites terraces and severely restrict the space for the forno, meaning that it will be very difficult to extract pizzas.  I am left scratching my head…

I came to Italy for a simpler life than that in Scotland, but it seems at times that it is just simply complicated!

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  1. Forget the pizza oven, get a George Forman, lean mean sandwich maker. No self respecting Inn keeper would be without one.

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