A misty magical morning here in Umbria at Bellaugello Gay Guest House.  Yesterday we had a short but heavy rainshower which did for the petunia and geranium flowers which were looking so good in the various pots around the house.  Last evening the sun returned and it was balmy and soft. Today the mist clings to the hillsides and swirls slowly along the Chiascio riverbed revealing glimpses of woodland and verdant green fields and just occasionally the jumble of cotto roof  tiles of Colpalumbo across the valley.

Jenny my Cocker Spaniel is an excellent retriever.  You throw a stick and she finds it and brings it back to you.  Whether she gives it up voluntarily or not is another matter!  On a walk she finds huge sticks, often 1.5m in length.  The first I ever know of this is when I get a thwack on the back of my knees as Jenny comes clattering up the path.

Another of Jenny’s talents is to bring back stones.  I was recently digging in the vegetable garden here at Bellaugello Gay bed and breakfast and of course rejecting the stones that I upturned and throwing them into the greppo below, only to discover Jenny bringing them back – yes the very same stones.  It is amazing, the undergrowth can be dense but invariably she brings back t he very stone just thrown, however it doesn’t end there.  I was cleaning my bedroom this morning and discovered a pile of ‘pet rocks’ she must have sneaked in under my bed.  Is she planning to build herself a kennel??


  1. No, she is planning on building her house! it will be quicker than your builders.

  2. well my dogs are very brainy u know and i did teach them well and jenny is a star i miss them too much

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