It might not be my birthday just now, however a reminder of my age arrived through the post yesterday in the shape of a letter from A S L,  the local health authority.

They are offering complimentary screening for colon cancer to all men and women in the  fifty to seventy four year age bracket.  Ok I just qualify, yes only just, I know remarkable isn’t it,wouldn’t have thought it possible would you?  but it saddened me that I am now of an age where I fit into the bracket with retired pensioners, I kinda liked it in the bracket 36-49  Gay men are noticably shy about their real age, vanity I guess.  Mine has never really concerned me, but to be thought of as possibly being 74 I ask you!

Anyway in the light of the increased uptake of cancer screening in young women after the sad death of Jane Goody, I shall participate in the diagnostic screening wnich has to be a good thing.  Thanks ASL

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  1. yes u realy should its always better to be sake than sorry and these things are best caught early x

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