It was another lovely day, sunshine and lots of it.  The birdsong filled the air and all felt very peaceful.  I finally got into the vegetable garden here at Bellaugello Gay Guest House and was busy cleaning the weeds, which after the rains have become very large and prolific.

It was good to feel the warmth of the sun on my body and at the same time to be doing something constructive.  It may be late but finally the beans and tomatoes are planted.

This evening for the first time this year it was warm enough to eat outside and I tried out a receipe from a modern Tuscan cook book and made invlotini stuffed with lime, avocado, yellow peppers and celery, accompanied by a lime dressed salad with leaves from the garden and our own Bellaugello olive oil, rather delicious!

Tomorrow  I will head down to the vegetable garden once again and finish cleaning the rows and plant the remaining courgettes, then an hour of relax and rest and doubtless continue on my tan!

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