Oh I simply adore my job.  This photograph I took early yesterday morning as the sun shone golden on the honey-coloured stone of Bellaugello Gay Guest House, the windows after my own efforts at cleaning them even sparkling.  It is so wonderful to have the house complete and to be enjoying the company of many varied and utterly interesting guests.  I have been so lucky this year to have had a wonderful clientelle from many different countries.  Not only do I live in a beautiful tranquil scenic place here near Gubbio in Umbria, central Italy but I have fabulous guests to share my home and its tranquil setting.

Ok there are early starts, but I get to see wonderful sunrises, then, baking, cooking, cleaning and garden maintenance, there is always something that needs my attention, and late evenings when I turn to bed shattered, but there is also time to stop and chat with guests which makes it all well worthwhile.

Today I sit in my porch commanding a panoramic view over the Chiascio valley to Monte Subasio and beyond, Milo Edo and Jenny lying quietly at my side, outside a piercing blue sky is punctuated by fluffy clouds scudding across on the high altitude wind.  Level with me but some distance off hovers a bird of prey, working high abovethe hillside below, the trees are beginning to turn and lose their leaves (another job on its way!) there is a touch of autumn in the air but the sun is still warm.

I should be catching up on paperwork, one of my least favourite tasks, well I have done two hours of paperwork, so feel pleased, poured myself a cup of my precious Marks and Spencer’s Early Grey tea, munched on a slice of apple cake I made last night from apples gathered from the trees on the side of the big field, wandered over to the anexxe and climbed onto the roof to admire the new solar panels, how silly am I, and decided to post on my blog, just because I feel at peace with the world.  Here is the pic of the solar panels and the roof of Bellaugello Gay Guest House

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