In the best Italian tradition my big announcement declared late last year is subject to delay. After all Italy must be the only country in the world with an official government website dedicated solely to “strikes”
So we are used to and accepting of delays and I ask you to be too…
I’m not overly keen on delays be they flights, deliveries or services, but sometimes just sometimes I do have to accept them and put on a cheery smile and I am asking you to too (lovely alliteration there!)
Regular readers must be wondering just what I have been doing or smoking these past few days, what is the guy on about? Well, for those of you not in the know I will tell you.
Each year I send electronic Christmas cards and included in the latest greeting was a message asking the recipient to keep tuning into my blog for a big announcement in January. Well January came and went with no announcement, annoying so. Until 31st I really believed that I would be allowed to go public and reveal all, but alas no, you will all have to keep patiently waiting another wee while. It will happen, indeed is happening, but is just too early to reveal all publicly, my news is hot!

loving guys at #Bellaugello

On a less frustrating note I am delighted to report that my blog post announcing that I am looking for guys to join the team here at Bellaugello Gay Guest House has received a huge response and as a consequence I am putting the final touches to what will be an amazing team this season at Bellaugello. I am currently finalising details with great guys from France, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, the UK, the USA and these countries will all be represented at Bellaugello this summer. Applications were a very high standard I am overwhelmed, thanks everybody. It looks like we will achieve my dream of offering a wider range of quality services and greater relax experience for guests including a resident male masseur.
If you are interested in working in the best gay resort in Italy and have been havering or organising your schedule then do not worry there may still be time to join the team as I am looking for team members for the months of September and October. The weather is still awesome, you can get that tan whilst working in a cool environment with awesome guests. Drop me a line to: tell me about yourself, and what qualities you could bring to Bellaugello and why you wish to be part of the team and let’s take it from there
In the meantime keep checking the blog, every day the huge announcement gets closer.


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