Out this afternoon visiting great friends in the valley to be met with complaints

Not a usual state of affairs when visiting neighbours but I guess there has to be a first time. I have an amazingly good friendship with the residents here in Valdichiasio the beautiful valley in which Bellaugello Gay Country House is situated I am truly fortunate. So today was a wee bit of a shock.

Time to come clean. I went to share some great news with dear friends and at the same time to see their daughter and son in law who were visiting from London, a couple whom I know well. Of course there was a lovely warm welcome, lots of news caught up on and then the complaint….

They all told me off for not blogging. My neighbours miss my writings and their daughter has been deprived of news from the valley. So to E M M and R a huge thank you ! My writers block is finally over and I’m inspired once again to blog

Watch out I’ve lots to rant about and lots of news joys tribulations and maybe even some gossip to share and of course not forgetting the beautiful Bellaugello Back or two to share with you all

Speak soon

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  1. Welcome back! And thanks for a great week when Ian and I stayed just recently. The valley looks superb in early June.

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