Once again it’s the hunting season here in Italy, and once again the shooters have been out in Valdichiascio, and once again they have mislaid a dog, and once again the poor soul has sought refuge here.

Now as those of you who have stayed here at Bellaugello Gay Guest House will know I have three of the most adorable, gentle, affectionate and divine dogs in the world.  They are snuggled up together in front of the fire in my sitting room (on the sofa), but earlier Jenny barked.  Now she might just be the smallest and the youngest,but she is the fiesty boss and a wonderful guard, with a wonderfully acute ear, nothing passes by Jenny and tonight I let here and one of her brothers out to see what had upset them.

Yes you have guessed it… a hunter’s dog wandering in the garden and on the terraces.  How do I know it is a hunter’s dog?  Simple really; It has a collar with a cow bell on it… presumably to stop its owner carelessly shooting it, and normal caring people just do not let their dogs wander freely in the late evening. Boy is it both frightened and angry.  Having sent my team back indoors I went out to try and give it some water and see if there was a telephone number on its blue collar so I could call its owner and have him collect it, but it just would not let me near, fright and bared teeth, not a good mix, I didn’t hang around. So tonight me and my three sit incarcerated in front of the fire, no peeing outdoors for us tonight!

How can the bureaucrats give such irresponsible people shooting licences, it freaks me!!

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