Chatting to a friend this morning I learnt that he is stuck in Milano and cannot get home to Barcellona.  For him it is not too bad as he has the chance of another day of shopping and relax after a busy week.

Friends on the other side of the valley have guests who were scheduled to have returned to Manchester UK this morning, but again their flight has been cancelled and they do not know when they will manage to get back to the UK.

I am grateful to be here at Bellaugello Gay B&B  near Gubbio.  After a wonderously misty early morning the sun has been shining, the birds snging, fruit trees are in full blossom, and there is a wonderful peace and serenity in the air.

The ash cloud from the volcano in Iceland seems to have grounded flights all across Europe and many people and businesses are suffering as a result, it is yet another natural phenomenon over which man fortunately has no control.  I am just glad to be here in Valdichiascio.

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