On seeds and pollen – Bellaugello: Luxury gay bed and breakfast near Perugia, Umbria, Italy
On seeds and pollen

Yesterday at Bellaugello Gay Guest House was a truly glorious day, hot sun and light breeze.

I decided to profit from the fine weather and get stuck into the garden.  Off to the consorzio for a whole host of bedding plants to put in the various pots and troughs that adorn terraces and walls.  Joy of joys I found the most amazing terracotta surfina petunias, they look so handsome in the large urns on the uppermost terrace.

I sew more basil/basilico (is sew the right word? what I want is the first person singular of the past tense of to sow as in seeds, but have no idea if the word exists or the one I have used is correct, anyhow now you get the sense)  and peppers – a bit late for that I suspect, and decided as it was looking a bit jaded to give the terrace table another coat of linseed oil.

Oh what a mistake….. for the light breeze started distributing the seeds from the tall trees that shade the sauna terrace, they are light like cotton seeds or snowflakes and blow into every nook and cranny including the newly oiled table, result a golden glowing table with a fine dusting of feathery seeds that have stuck to the surface, today’s task; how to remove the seeds or invent a story as to a new style organic table cloth!!

However today is another glorious day,


the guys here are planning to drive over the hills to nearby Assisi, and given time to also visit the fabulous Umbrian hilltop towns of Spello and Bevagna, it’s going to be a great day out.


durr… I guess the word I wanted is “sowed”