lemoncello @Bellaugello Gay Guest House

Everything is better when homemade

Winter, those short days and cozy evenings spent in front of the fire are when citrus fruit matures.  Early in the new year the wonderful knobbly organic lemons start to appear in the stores in Gubbio, our local town, and I HAVE to buy some.

Limoncello, the world known liqueur, all too often in the ghastly chemical form is decidedly only drinkable when made at home.  I get to control the quality of the lemons and ensure that nothing ghastly of fake enters the process.

lemons for limoncello at Bellaugello Gay Guest House

I take these divine organic lemons, carefully pare the fragrant yellow pith and cover it in 96˚ alcohol 

It gets left in a cupboard for at least two months, thus allowing the lemon to infuse in the alcohol.

limoncello in the making
a few weeks and already the alcohol is beginning to be infused wit the fragrant yellow lemons

It's now in the freezer waiting for you to enjoy

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