It is a wintry day here in Valdichiascio, Gubbio, Umbria.  The snow which has been settling at the top of the hills is now flurrying around the house here at Bellaugello Gay B&B, and so it seems like an ideal opportunity to enjoy a sauna.

I went down through the garden to the sauna and lit the stove.  It burns wood and takes about an hour and a half to get to temperature, by which time there will be a further light covering of snow around, and on the deck in front of the sauna, not enough to roll in but enough to make it very picturesque.

I thought to use the waiting time to cut my hair and trim my beard, for this afternoon I am out seeing friends and thought to look squeaky clean.  I started with the clippers.  For years I have kept my hair short a buzz cut, I like it that way, but  the necessity is greater now, because, looking at my profile in the mirror it is clearly evident that oh no! my hairline has decided to retreat even further back on my crown.  Yes a very short buzz cut is called for, I am so vain!!

I will be shopping for hats tomorrow….

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