Oh how do I begin this post? – Bellaugello: Luxury gay bed and breakfast near Perugia, Umbria, Italy
Oh how do I begin this post?

As my late mother would have said, tonight “I have looked upon the wine when it was young”, and indeed in this instance she would have been right, I have, and with good reason.

I post this on my blog with a couple of glasses of Prosecco and a couple of Nerio under my belt….  and with some justification.  Today has been a real toughie.

Ok the sun has shone, brightly and hotly, the house is full of great guests from many different countries, all utterly charming and good to know, my team of staff all came in on time and worked diligently (as always, they are fabulous!) a neighbour delivered personally on his motorbike my awaited parcel of Illy capsules, my Geometra even had news of progress on an application we are making in the Commune of Gubbio, now there’s a surprise, but there has been a big black cloud about today.  It arrived last night and this evening it just got blacker.

Jenny in the sun

My darling shadow was unwell last night.  After dinner she had an enlarged stomach and was evidently in some discomfort.  Her tail was between her legs and she had no enthusiasm for anything.  This morning after a sleepless night there was no improvement and  so after Breakfast I took her off to the vet in Perugia.  Melania is the kindest and most professional sort of vets one would hope to meet, she looked after Edo throughout his illness and is keeping in touch with Milo’s progress.

Usually Jenny hates all vets, something bad obviously happened to her before we got her at the age of six months, but today she trotted happily into the car and into the surgery, it was obvious she knew something was wrong with her.  Melania was waiting and soon Jenny was on the inspection table.  Temperature taken, a prod or two or three and then to the Xray machine.

No stones, sticks or bones in her stomach but a lot of wind and a blockage, so I had no option but to leave her at the vets for further tests, I have a business to run and new guests were due to arrive in the afternoon.  This evening whilst cutting the grass having heard nothing from the vets, and of course with my shiny almost new expensive all singing lawn mower misbehaving I called the vet, to be told they would ring me back.

I knew it was bad, I had suspected it would be bad, and bad it is.  The poor wee soul has a malfunctioning pancreas and as if that was not enough she has also a growth on her kidneys which is pressing on her stomach, hence her incessant eating and drinking, and today inflated stomach and pain.  She is being kept in overnight, on a drip and antibiotics.  The vet says they might be able to treat the pancriacitus, but the inflation on her kidneys is real serious and she is gravely ill.

I have been doing my daily rounds of watering the garden here at Bellaugello Gay Guest House this evening, it had been real strange on my own, as I say to all new guys when they arrive, if you want to find me look for Jenny, she is my shadow.  Tonight I was on my own and it was not pleasant.  Milo my English Setter is old and not eating, he does not and never really has accompanied me on my daily gardening chores, that was more his brother’s style, but Jenny always does and she brings me such joy.  She never stops, rushing here and t here, under the sage bushes, carrying stones, chasing geckos, just generally enthusiastic and ceaselessly full of energy.  In reality she was my ex’s dog, but she remained here in Umbria when he left and it has been for her paradise, the guys spoil her, she has freedom to the large garden and grounds, and although asked not to the guys do feed her snacks and treats which she adores, such is her appeal!

Tomorrow I need somehow to get to the vet and understand exactly what is the prognosis.  I have a real busy schedule, and will have to juggle eggs, the guests come first, but my baby needs to be high priority.  It’s a real toughie