Yesterday we were at the vet, this morning Jenny was considerably worse, and so we went back, she was given an anti-dolorifico and tomorrow we are to return for more tests and an ecografia.
The poor wee soul is in pain, she yelps when touched, and cries out when she rolls over in her bed, today she refused food, as the guys who have stayed at Bellaugello Gay Guest House well know, this is unbelievable for Jenny to refuse food, so my concern is genuine.
Last autumn a second cancerous growth was removed from her paw, now the disease seems likely to have spread. I am not pre-judging the results of tomorrow’s test, but keeping fingers crossed that it is just an infection that is dragging her down, but it is real tough for both of us here at the moment.


  1. So sorry to hear about Jenny. Let’s hope the Vet can make her more comfortable. As dog owners and lovers we know what your going through Alec.

  2. Gordon, Thanks for your kind message. After lots of tests the vets thankfully could not find anything serious, they still do not know what it is, but gave Jenny painkillers to which she is responding well. She is supposed to rest but wants to be outside bouncing about!

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