Aaahh… It’s good to be alive

It is a glorious morning here in Valdichiascio, the sun broke over the Apennines, and lit the lightly misted valley.  Now as I sit at my kitchen window listening to a ridiculously soppy but favourite song by Jovanotti, the sun is pouring in the window, Milo my English Setter is lying in a pool of sunshine on the travertine floor, I am drinking Earl Grey Tea from a super chic glass I bought in the Swedish design centre, and knowing it is good to be alive and here in Umbria.

I am catching up on emails, replying to many enquiries for spring, summer and autumn bookings, my, how organised people are, my holidays always seem to have been booked last minute, but other guys are sensibly organised and bookings here at Bellaugello are coming in and room choices diminishing daily.  I am also starting to get to reply to the many warm emails, Christmas cards and messages from friends, both local, and guys who have stayed here at Bellaugello Gay Guest House.  I have been out of action for a bit, a challenging period, more about that later, I promise..  so have been remiss with my replies for which please forgive me.

My overwhelming feelings now are just how lucky I am, how I love my work, how special life is, and how it is to be enjoyed