Bellaugello gay bed and breakfast commands a view south down the valley of the river Chiascio.  On a sunny hillside slightly to the east of south sits Pian di Cascina, agriturismo home to Paul and Isabel, and a field of raspberries.

In the relative cool of yesterday evening Tom and I found ourselves picking raspberries.  Paul had a glut and sought volunteers to help pick the fruit.  It was surreal to me picking Scottish (yes they brought the plants over from Angus) raspberries in the serenity of the Umbrian countryside.  The sun slowly sinking over the Chiascio valley turning the sky glorious deep orange and the crickets chirping.

I have seen rows of raspberries all around Blairgowrie in Scotland,  and would have thought the climate too diverse here for the plants to survive, but given care and copious quantities of water these organic raspberries certainly do flourish.

Isabel spoilt us with a delicious supper of truffled lasagne and a glass of Goretti Montefalco, followed by her scrumptious semifreddo.  Paul regaled us with nonsensical stories and whimsy, a delightful evening with friends.

The fruit is dark, plump and juicy and makes good jam – my task today….. thanks Paul!!