Oh! I am a wee bit angry

As is my habit, this morning in the kitchen preparing and serving breakfasts to the guys at Bellaugello Gay Guest House I am listening to the BBC daily news programme.

There is one report that has got me more than mildly annoyed.  It is the report about French magazine ‘Closer’ and those intrusive photographs of the Duchess of Cambridge reportedly topless, taken whilst she was holidaying with her husband the Duke in a private villa in the south of France.

Today the story gets worse as the Italian magazine ‘Chi’ is reported as being ready to publish the photos next week.

UK newspaper editors have flatly (and I believe truthfully) denied any intention to publish these intrusive photos of a young couple on holiday.  As the editor of the ‘Sun’ newspaper who published the photos of Prince Harry naked is reported by the BBC as stating  “although it had recently published pictures of Prince Harry naked, this was a different situation, because the duchess had every expectation of privacy as she was on a private holiday in a private chateau as opposed to inviting strangers to a hotel suite.”

I concur with this, I am horrified by the tasteless intrusion to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s private holiday, and by the same token would hate to think that any guy relaxing here at Bellaugello would ever be subject to the same putrid intrusion.

Unsurprisingly I read that both ‘Closer’ and ‘Chi’ are part of the publishing empire ‘Mondadori’ and just guess who of dubiously tasteless low morals is the ultimate owner of the empire…….

Marmellata di Fichi

Just before yesterday’s downpour – yes it actually rained here at Bellaugello Gay Guest House I picked 15kgs of figs from the massive tree in the garden, and sat under the shade of a parasol quietly quartering the ripe fruit.  The day was balmy and warm, a slight breeze which managed until the final few kilos to keep the pesky wasps away made the job pleasantly satisfying.

Today once again out came the jam pan and I made lots of fig marmalade.  This time I added Limoncello to one batch, a new flavour, cannot wait to try it for breakfast!  Now ther is enough to see us through until next summer and there are still more figs to pick!



In piscina o fuori della piscina?

Un altra bella giornata qui a Bellaugello Gay Guesthouse,  l’acqua della piscina è a 30˚, un altro “Bellaugello Back”,  ma il ragazzo sta in piscina o fuori dalla piscina?

Per questa serie di foto sembra che sta diventando rapidamente la moda a flettere i bicipiti e sollevare il corpo 🙂

First of the season 2012

Caught on camera today the first “Bellaugello Back” of 2012

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Hot hot hot!!!

Yesterday on a trip to the neighbouring region of Le Marche the car thermometer registered 22˚, today here at Bellaugello Gay Guest House in Umbria, Italy, the sun is shining, and it is real hot

I have finished the last batch of marmalade, cleaned the kitchen down and am heading outside to do some more tidying in the garden, me thinks with this summer weather all that is required is a pair of shorts

Well I may be many things but I discovered I am definitely not a Russian!!

The current baltic weather here in Umbria, and covering of snow put us here at Bellaugello Gay b&b in mind of taking a sauna.

Last year we created a panoramic deck and imported direct (well actually via France ‘cos they do not sell them here in Italy) from Finland a wooden building in which there is a sauna, heat being provided by a log burning stove.  The sauna arrived on a humungous pantechnicon and took four of us four days to construct.  Being Finnish the kit was perfect, once we understood the instructions it was simple to construct and every piece was precise and well engineered.  Soon we were enjoying sweating in the dry heat of the sauna.

Well now we have snow and the sauna is THE place to be!

Yesterday afternoon once again the stove was filled with wood and lit and we waited for it to come to temperature..

And then the delight of running through the snow covered garden down from the house stripping off, and getting into the intense dry heat of the sauna,  pouring fragrant water on the hot rocks, working up a real good sweat, and then…… well it HAD to be done…. a quick dash outside and rolling in the snow….

Luckily there is no photographic evidence of this foolishness, yes it is something I have often talked about, indeed something I have long thought about experiencing, but I discovered it is something I am just not cut out to repeat, In no way am I Russian or Finnish or Scandinavian at all, I now even doubt my northern european antecedents ….  Yes rolling naked in the snow is invigorating, yes there is a rush, yes it certainly cools you down, yes the snow was soft and dry on my skin, yes it must be done on exiting a sauna when there is snow on the ground, but boy oh boy is it cold brrrr….


shades of blue

Early morning Valdichiascio blues and greens seen over the blue of the swimming pool at Bellaugello Gay Guest House, near Perugia in Umbria, Italy