I have just received user feedback comment from one of the websites I use to market Bellaugello.

The writer attempted to book using the form on my website, but unfortunately could not send the form, the site would not accept the security codes, so he telephoned me.

We discussed his request and our availibility and then we emailed each other.  As is our usual procedure I requested a 20% deposit on the booking to be sent.

Subsequently he wrote to the website requesting they verify the existence of Bellaugello, explaining that he had been unable to book online and stating that he had never heard of any establishment  asking for a deposit.

The following morning my web-designer checked the boking form and succeeded in transmitting one, maybe it was a temporary system glitch, or zeros became confused with ‘o’s who knows!

I am in a dilemma, the business is real I wake up here every morning, I guess the customer is real too, but we have been unable to establish trust between each other.

I need to resolve this pronto.