A couple of guys from Germany driving here to Bellaugello Gay Guest House told me on arrival that they had come through snow!

I really did not believe them, I know it has been turning cooler here in Umbria, however snow was the last thing on my mind.  Well it seems they were referring to the St Bernard Pass between Switzerland and Italy.  Aparently they stopped enroute just north of the pass and were told by the locals,  “you’d better not stop tonight there is to be snow”, well sure enough they awoke to discover there was and everything was white!

Well here near Gubbio in Umbria, there is no snow but it has turned decidedly cooler.  By cooler I mean 20 degrees, and now warmer than the swimming pool which this morning I decided to close, 19 degrees is just too cold.  Next year we hope to heat the swimming pool thus extending the season.

Last night we served dinner in the dining room lit by candlelight  and warmed by a blazing log fire.  It is the time for me to dig out my recipies for thick winter warming soups and stews, and hurry the sauna building along….

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