Another lorry another story.. Building works are never easy

A quantity of cement, bio-eco plaster and sand was ordered first thing this morning.  We are currently working hard on the Mirror and Diva Suites, and needed the materials.

A new driver stopped short of the drive at Bellaugello gay bed & breakfast and asked where he was to unload the materials.  We showed him the area to one side where we keep building materials, thus not impeding our guest access.

He wanted to turn his lorry first – We suggested he reverse and turn at the top of the hill and then return, but no he thought he knew better. Result – He got stuck.  Things went from bad to worse the more he attempted to manouvre the more he got dug in.  The fence was ripped apart, mud churned and then a big bang! – the air suspension burst…

A call to my good neighbour Marco brought him to the road outside Bellaugello with his tractor.  Marco pulled and pulled, to no avail, it seems that the lorry was to become a fixture outside our country house.  Next call this time to cousin Francesco, and his big blue tractor, linked together and pulling hard finally three hours after the wagon first arrived it was pulled  clear.  Thanks to the Malingri cousins

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