Morning reflections – Bellaugello: Luxury gay bed and breakfast near Perugia, Umbria, Italy
Morning reflections

Although I hate getting out of my bed early it’s never so bad once I’m actually up.  One of the most delightful times of the day to me is the early morning.  The air is crisp, clean, only punctuated by birdsong not even a murmur of wind.  It is an uninterrupted chance to get on with tasks before the rest of the world wakes.

Today guys had asked me for an early breakfast – they have a long drive ahead and wanted to make an early start, so up I rose and headed for the kitchen.  On my way – at the risk of being late for early breakfasts I just had to stop and photograph the sunrise.

For those of you readers who have not yet had the opportunity to stay at Bellaugello Gay Guest House the house is situated on a hillside commanding fine views over the valley of the river Chiascio.  At this time of year in early morning the valley floor is shrouded in mist, being at Bellaugello can seem like being in an aeroplane in mid flight, we sit above the clouds… almost floating….